Cottage Opening and Closing Service:

  • Fall-Inspect all water supply and drain lines while under pressure before draining for the winter, make repairs where needed
  • Remove supply line from lake, drain and store
  • Drain and blow out all water lines
  • Drain hot water tank, washing machine etc.
  • Disconnect and store pump
  • Add plumbing antifreeze to all sinks, toilets and drains
  • Spring-connect pump and supply line
  • Pressurize water system and check for leaks, make repairs if needed
  • Run water and adjust pump if needed
  • Rinse out all sinks and toilets, test all taps and toilets
  • Installation and removal of docks and rafts
  • Spring cleanup and installation of small boats and toys
  • Fall removal and winter prep of small boats and toys
  • Spring and fall interior lock up, shutters or plastic on windows, storage of outdoor furniture.


Before & After


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